Ultimate 2+

Effective enzymatic gel-peel with natural argan powder.

Gentle gel exfoliant clears the skin from impurities and keratinized cells. Enzymes help eliminate dead skin cells, making the skin more receptive to subsequent care products. For more intensive exfoliation, massage gently and allow the natural argan kernels to stimulate and smooth the skin.





All skin types

Nourishing Exfoliator

Mild exfoliator to support skin's natural renewal process.

An effective cosmeceutical exfoliator with beta hydroxy acid combined with proteolytic enzymes. Nourishing exfoliator reduces impurities, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes skin regeneration and fades pigmentation spots. After the first application the skin appears more even, radiant and clear. Skin is optimally prepared and receptive to subsequent care products.



All skin types

Enzyme Peeling

Highly effective enzymatic peel.

Helps dissolve dead skins cells, cleanses the skin thoroughly and increases cell turnover as well as regeneration. Optimizes skin's overall reception to subsequent care products.









Oily, impure and over-keratinized skin

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